True Deliverance Church of GodTrue Deliverance Church of God Ministries was established November 12, 1967, founded by the late Apostle Albert Venson. Apostle Venson had churches in Detroit, Washington DC and Maryland. Apostle Venson built a new church in Bealeton with no pastor to start the church. In January 1996 he asked his son-in-law and daughter to start a church in Bealeton, Virginia. In May 1997, Pastor T. Tyronne and First Lady Felicia Champion accepted the call and began to pastor the True Deliverance Church of God, Bealeton with one member.

The church has grown over the years and has been a blessing to the community. Pastor and First Lady Champion saw a need in their community to help those who had been affected by the challenges of life. Along with True Deliverance members they birthed several outreach ministries including a forty bed homeless shelter, a food pantry, a furniture outreach facility and a thrift store. True Deliverance is a multicultural non-denominational spirit filled church; called to love people, empower believers to live an abundant life and to train Christians to lead souls to Christ.

True Deliverance believes in teaching and preaching of the word of God that is able to change the soul of men and women. We believe in strong marriages and families which builds a strong church. We believe in training our youth to have a personal relationship with God and to have and to have a positive influence in the world today.