Men’s Ministries

Mission: Our mission is to demonstrate God’s Love by reaching the lost, teaching and preaching God’s word and empowering youth and families to live an abundant life.

Partners-N-Prayer – Each man of the congregation will have a partner that he is accountable too and encourage to become a prayer partner of. Purpose: is to form strong brotherhood bonds and to develop accountability in our prayer life.

Fellows in Fellowship – Focuses on group meetings and interactions. Purpose: Is for men to come together for the purpose of support, fellowship, bible study and counseling for problem solving.

Men-isters of the Ministry – Take note of the spelling. The word infuses men and ministry. The point and focus is simply on men ministering in all areas of the ministry.

Purpose: To develop working men in the ministry from ground keeping to Altar workers.

Boys to Men Development Program Purpose: Is to reach out to young males in the church and community and to guide them in the way of Christian Manhood.