Women’s Ministries

Mission Statement:
To uplift, empower, and unify the women of God through the ministries of Love, outreach and obedience to God, under the direction and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, by the teaching of God’s Word.

Vision Statement:
Empowered Women destined to help lead and grow the Kingdom of God
Change is created by being “pulled” toward new behaviors. “People change if they are acted upon by forces that can ‘pull’ them toward modifying their behavior and shifting their perspective of the world” by Arlene F. Harder, Motivating People to Change.

True Deliverance Ministries has the following the women’s auxiliaries/programs to enhance the life of the women of God:

  • AGED Women
  • Sister’s Fellowship
  • Wednesday Meetings/ Teaching
  • Women’s Choir
  • Annual Women’s Day & Conference
  • Mother’s & Daughter’s Day Tea
  • Sisters Retreat