Clara’s Faith House Food Pantry

Clara's Faith House Food PantryClara’s Faith House Food PantryClara’s House Food Pantry is dedicated to Mother Clara Lee Venson, the wife of deceased Apostle Albert Venson. Together, they had a vision to help the less fortunate in the community. In November 2001, T. Tyronne Champion and his wife Felicia saw the need to feed the poor in Fauquier County and the surrounding areas. They renovated an old house on their property and called it Clara’s Faith House Food Pantry.

Since its inception, Clara’s Faith House Food Pantry has fed thousand s of children and adults. The Food Pantry provides food for the hungry in Fauquier, Culpepper, Orange, Madison and other surrounding counties. The Food is purchased and donated from the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Clara’s Faith House Food Pantry solicits and stores food products donated by supermarkets, wholesalers, USDA food, food processors, and local farmers. Donated food is redistributed to the less fortunate through the Food Pantry. Nearly half of the food recipients are children, when a child does not eat properly they lose concentration, are less productive and suffer from malnutrition.

Hunger is a major problem in, below are a few startling facts:

  • 35.5 million people in the are at risk of hunger
  • 12.6 million of those people are children1
  • 30.4% of families comprised of single mothers and their children are food insecure
  • 1.59 million households with seniors are food insecure
  • Nearly 10% of ‘s seniors live below the poverty line
  • More than 11% of the ‘ population suffers from food insecurity

1 Nord. M, Andres, M., and Carlson, S. “Household Food Security in the . 2006.” USDA Economic Research Report No. (ERR-49). 2007.

We are open Saturdays’ from 10am to 12pm. Help us fight feed the hungry in our community! If you want to help send us an email or contact us at (540) 439-9300.

Clara’s Faith House Food Pantry is a part of Community Touch, Inc. – click here to learn more.